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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some things you might not know about me.

Yes, its been a long time. All that Christmas knitting got given away almost as soon as I finished it, no time to take pictures, so its lost to this blog. Too bad. I don't even have a digital camera at the moment so I can't take any pics of what I'm working on now.

As a poor substitute, I thought I'd offer a few tidbits of information, some of which some of you might know, but I can't imagine there's any of you who know all of it!

1. I learned to use the snowblower today, and did most of the driveway with only a little help from Bill (once he learned me how to use it, of course).
2. I had the flu last week, and it was yucky.
3. I am pastoring a church now--a small church south of Albany has hired me part-time to lead worship and do pastoral calling.
4. My favorite knitting needles are now hands-down my knit-picks interchangeable needles, not simply because I always have the size I need but because I like their little pointy points!
5. I am completely obsessed with this season of Project Runway
6. Dean's Beans: Marrakesh Express OR High Peaks Java Espresso Roast? Its a dilemma that starts when I'm standing in front of my co-op shopping cart and keeps me up at night.
7. I have another new job, starting next week: I'll be a chaplain at the local physical rehabilitation hospital a couple nights a week. All the details aren't settled yet, but it looks like its going to happen.
8. One of my favorite ways to procrastinate on writing sermons is to pay attention to other things I've been neglecting or procrastinating on (like this here neglected knitting blog).

I'm sending out my love to any readers who may still occasionally check this blog. Don't give up on me yet.



Blogger nittenaway said...

Abby! You're baaack! And I'm so glad.

Talk to me about the KnitPicks interchangeables -- I bought some too (so pretty :) ) -- but I occasionally have trouble with them coming apart while I'm knitting. NOT good. What am I doing wrong -- other than knitting too ferociously.

ANOTHER new job -- you're practically a workaholic now :)

Let's knit together -- do you still do a Sunday night thing with some women? I'd like to come if you do.

10:13 AM  
Blogger eyeknit said...

Glad to see you're back--and congratulations on your new job(s)!

1:37 PM  
Blogger nittenaway said...

So how was the thing at Lynnwood?
Sorry I didn't even get over there to peak in on you listening and knitting. :)

I was with the Chicago Invitation folks for two half days -- and even knit there. . .

We've started a prayer shawl ministry at Lynnwood -- we even have a man knitting with us -- hope more will join

8:56 PM  

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